Dating a Girl Who Travels

So, I read so many articles lately about solo travels which seem to have gotten so popular. I started travelling alone a couple of years ago because I felt like I needed to get away from everything and everyone I knew and it turned out to be a great experience that I repeated over the years.

I still remember all the questions people would ask me, like why was I travelling alone, didn't I get bored, what was I doing alone, was I hiding something, what do you eat when you are alone! All questions that I did answer at the time!
I love to travel solo because it helps me to think about my life, to feel completely free for a moment and to not think about all the deadlines and problems. I love it because it is relaxing even though I am always out and about discovering new places when I travel but seeing new places, meeting new people is soothing!

Now, I have read so much about why you shouldn't date a girl who travels, like for example she will never settle down, she will never be happy, she will always want more, she will always want to travel, she will never appreciate what you are giving her, she is selfish, she is independent, she is financially-conscious, she is open-minded, she will always speak her mind.

Some of them are true and some of them are not. It's not true that she will never settle down, she eventually will when she finds the one worth settling down with.
She will be happy, the thing is that she is happy with the little things and she is not materialistic whereas now we live in a society where people seem to be wanting more and only material things seem to make them feel complete and satisfied.

She probably will always want more because this is who she is. Wanting more is not always a bad thing, she will keep discovering new things, new places. She will probably settle down with someone who is as enthusiastic as she is.

Yes, she will always want to travel, whether solo or with a partner. Travelling doesn't necessarily mean going abroad, it means discovering the local things as well. But yes, at times she will want to travel alone and she will do it whether you like it or not. Not because she has something to hide but because it makes her feel alive and she will love you even more when she returns because she always will come back.

She is not selfish, she might see the world and what is surrounding her in a whole different way than you do. This doesn't mean she is a selfish person.
She is independent and likes being independent...she has worked hard for it and has earned it and won't ever let anyone steal that from her. She lives on her own and she surely is financially-conscious which is a huge plus! So if she hangs out with you is because she likes you and not because you can pay for a drink or a meal!

She will speak her mind, never expect her not to. She will tell you when you are wrong or when she doesn't agree. But she will happily agree to disagree on some things. Never force her to agree with you.

So, in the end dating a girl who travels isn't so bad. She has her own values, she will love you forever if you show her love and respect. She will always leave but will always come back to you. You will discover new things with her but never try to stop her otherwise she will run away as fast as she can!

To follow: my last travels!


  1. Great read and happy travels xx


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