That complicated thing called LOVE

For some time I had been wondering whether the problem was me and now after many years I realised it wasn't me.
I am a hopeless dreamer so I always look for more. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it isn't. I think we sometimes end up falling in love with the image we have of someone but the truth most of the time is completely different.

When we break up, it feels like our world is falling apart and we will never find someone like him.
But truth is, we always will. We will always find someone better. Because when we break up, we reinvent ourselves, we learn more about ourselves.
Every time sometimes goes wrong, I believe it is for a good reason. If it doesn't last it was because it wasn't meant to be.
So when it happens, you can feel miserable and lost for a day just one day....cry your heart out, listen to break up songs, be in bed all day, eat junk food and write all your emotions down.
But after that, you have to get on with your life!

We reinvent ourselves, we fall in love again every time but not necessarily with someone.
We fall in love with ourselves, we fall in love with all the beautiful things that surround us.
I have learned to love more what I see;
I love the colours of autumn
I love sunsets
I love the cold breeze
I love the sound of rain
I love being in bed on rainy days.

And, sometimes when you least expect it, you will meet someone special, someone who will give you that fluttery feeling in your stomach, also known as butterflies.
You will then start to love again.
Will it be a happy ending? No, it won't. But for that amount of time, whether it is short or long, you will feel loved and it is all that matters!


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